Lost an activation due to a computer crash or a lost iLok? No worries!
Can I install soothe2 alongside the original soothe?
I bought a license for soothe2, but I need to open and use the original soothe.
I purchased soothe just before soothe2 was announced! Do I get a grace period?
I have soothe, and I want to upgrade to soothe2. What's the procedure?
Where can I find the manual?
Are the presets missing? Download here!
I redeemed/transferred my soothe license to my iLok account, but soothe doesn't find the activation
Can I resell my licenses?
How do I transfer my current license for soothe to my iLok? (soothe1)
How to redeem and activate?
How do I use the license manager to activate soothe online? (legacy)
I bought a license! Now what?
Can you explain how soothe's license activations are counted? (legacy)
How do I activate soothe offline? (legacy)
My studio computer is offline. Can I activate soothe on it, or start a trial on it? (legacy)
How many computers can I activate my license on?
Do you have educational or artist pricing?
When trying to activate soothe, I constantly get the error "Invalid user credentials for email ...". What is the issue? (legacy)
How do I update soothe from 1.0.7 to 1.1.4 or later? (legacy)
External sidechain latency compensation

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