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How do I use the license manager to activate soothe online? (legacy)

You should have soothe installed and license redeemed first. Then, follow these steps:

  • Open the plug-in in your favourite DAW, and select to activate it online.
  • Your default website will open automatically and direct to
  • NOTE: Don’t close your DAW window or plug-in window, or the plug-in will lose the connection to the server!
  • Log into your account.
  • First select the device you want to activate by clicking the “Activate”-button.
  • Next, select the license you wish to use for activation. Since you quite likely have only one available, click on the “Select”.
  • Wait for the activation to happen.
  • If all went smoothly, the web app will acknowledge you that the coast is clear. You may now close the web page.
  • Your plug-in window also tells you that the activation was successful.
  • Restart DAW or reload the session to reinitialise plug-in instance(s) for the change to come into effect.