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How do I activate soothe offline? (legacy)

Please follow these steps:

  • Open the plug-in in your favourite DAW on the computer you wish to activate it on.
  • Select to activate offline (“This computer is offline”) on the bottom right corner of the license tab in settings.
  • Save offline activation request to your computer and transfer the request file to an online computer. Note that this request is computer-specific, and has to be generated on the computer you’re going to activate.
  • Browse to and log in.
  • Import the activation request from the bottom of the page.
  • Select the device and then the license, save license file to your computer.
  • Transfer the license file back to your studio machine
  • Import the license file into the plug-in, and restart your DAW or reload the session for the license to come into effect.

NOTE: Offline activations cannot be manually deactivated! This is a design choice, to allow this we’d have to implement a sniffer on your computer that silently watches over your system while you sleep. We didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, so instead, if you need to deactivate your offline computer, please contact us at and we’ll sort it out.