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How do I update soothe from 1.0.7 to 1.1.4 or later? (legacy)

The update 1.1.0 for soothe is a free update, so no need for upgrade.

Just download the new version from here and install, your existing license has already been deployed. You can activate the plug-in by logging into new license manager web app by using the same credential you’ve last used to activate the plug-in. If you need to change your password, please use the lost password functionality in the license manager web app.

Please note that it is strongly recommended to uninstall the previous version (1.0.7 or earlier) before installing 1.1.0 or later to avoid conflicts. This can be done with “Add or remove programs” on Windows, or by using the uninstaller included in .dmg of the newest releases for Mac.

All the activations and trials have been cleared, so each purchased license now has three activations remaining.

If you have saved user presets as files, you should back these up for safety before uninstalling 1.0.7.