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Soothe2 and Spiff trial reset campaign (November 2022)

Thank you for your interest in using our full-featured trial licenses again! Here are a few pointers if you’ve requested a new trial license from our trial reset page, but are having trouble with beginning using the plug-in/s.

Activate after requesting.

After requesting a trial reset, you’ll have to activate your trial extension license in the iLok License Manager. Please open the iLok License Manager, click on your iLok account in the top-left to view licenses on your account, and choose the “All Licenses” or “Available” tab. You should see the trial extension/s waiting for activation there! You don’t have to worry about deactivating any ongoing or expired trial licenses for Soothe2 or Spiff.

Note: If the trial reset gives you this error:

“Unfortunately we could not find any old trials to reset. To start your first trial period, just open the plugin and follow the on-screen instructions to start your trial period.”,

please check your iLok License Manager. A trial license might already be waiting for you!

Check that the plug-in/s are correctly installed.

If you can’t find the plug-in/s you’d like to try again from your DAW, please make sure that the plug-in/s in question are properly installed. First, please uninstall any old versions of Soothe2 or Spiff (Soothe(1) doesn’t matter) by following our uninstall guide here. After uninstalling, please download and reinstall the plug-in/s you need from our downloads page here.

Rescan your plug-ins and reset your blacklist.

If after confirming the above you’re still not able to find and use Soothe2 or Spiff in your DAW, you might need to rescan and reset your plug-in blacklist. All DAWs behave a bit differently regarding this, but you can find quick solutions via google. Search for
blacklist reset”.

Contact us!

If none of the above helped, please contact us via our contact form here. We’re happy to help!