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soothe changelog

Released on May 27th 2021
  • (macOS only) Fix: in Logic 10.6.2 soothe no longer contributes to crashing some projects containing several different iLok-protected plug-ins
Released on November 19th 2020
  • “Next” and “Previous” buttons for browsing presets
  • user presets can be opened from any folder
  • keyboard shortcut reference
  • information about updates is shown in the config menu
  • smoother animations
  • more sensible undo behaviour when a preset is changed
  • various bug fixes and improvements
Released on March 2nd 2020
  • New features
    • undo-redo
    • more refined editor sizes
    • UX additions for presets
      • search field
      • tags
    • update checker
  • Bug fixes
    • freeze on Cubase 10.5 when opening the editor
    • win7 / Wavelab crash on scan
    • macOS 10.12.6 / Logic Pro X crash when closing the program
    • a/b copying
  • MacOS Catalina compatibility
  • Fixed a rare recall bug in Pro Tools
  • Fixed the plug-in GUI intercepting keystrokes
  • Reduced CPU spiking
  • Major GUI Update
    • Resizable size to accommodate different screen sizes
    • Optimised drawing for better performance
    • Graph scale (grid) is more intuitive
    • Added contrast to graph font
  • Improved EQ node controls
    • Multiselectable nodes
    • Modifier keys for finer adjustments
    • Scroll wheel changes bandwidth
    • Tweaks for easier node selection when two or more nodes overlap
    • Bandwidths are color filled for better visibility
  • EQ curve calculations optimized to reduce CPU spikes
  • A/B states to compare two settings
  • Added Preset Menu keyboard navigation and selection history
  • Tooltip disabling option in settings page
  • Fixed preset file actions for MacOS' sandboxed apps
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.2.0 uses iLok License Manager
  • Fixed various very rare Windows bugs
  • Fixed macOS High Sierra USB-drive activations
  • Fixed macOS unable to start trial in some rare cases
  • Fixed bug with some Windows machines losing activation
  • Improved licence manager menu
  • Fixed Windows not able to store USB-licence
  • Fixed session automation incompatibility
  • Preset menu now closes, when loading preset with double clicking
  • Fixed offline activation bug, offline activation has to be reactivated
  • Fixed Logic Pro 10.2.4 crashin on preset menu close
  • Fixed rare crashes
  • Major compatibility fixes
  • Added VST3 builds as public beta: safe to use, but more prone to bugs
  • Rewritten licence management to support activation detaching and USB drive licences, plugin requires reactivation
  • Rewritten preset management, support for user default presets
  • New menu structure
  • Minor usability tweaks and bug fixes
  • Mac: Added uninstaller app
  • options to disable OpenGL rendering
  • added presets for DPA lavalier microphones
  • fixed AU not opening on DSP Quattro
  • minor bug fixes
  • Added offline trial and full licence activation
  • Fixed plugin not activating in some cases
  • soothe for Windows released!
  • Fixed automation writing on some parameters
  • Fixed minor UI glitches
  • Further fixes on plugin attempting to steal keyboard focus
  • Fixed AU not clearing its internal state after playback has paused. This caused the AU to play tail of the last playback segment when restarting playback.
  • Passwords now fully unicode compatible
  • Fixed Pro Tools crash when using native bypass and oversampling
  • Fixed Pro Tools losing the delay compensation on some complex sessions
  • Fixed problem with some characters in passwords
  • Plugin no longer attempts to remove focus from host
  • Added presets for drums
  • Fixed AAX delay compensation on high sample rates
  • Added pdf manual
  • Fixed AU crashing when moving plugin from one slot to another
  • Oversampling restricted on 88.1/96kHz, so that 2x->1x and 4x->2x on high sample rates
  • Fixed various bypass related bugs