Activate a new location

Please activate a new location in the iLok License Manager

The way our licenses work is that after purchase, a code is delivered to you. This code is used only once for license redemption. Once the license has been redeemed correctly onto your iLok account, the code becomes redundant. Controlling the license and its activation happens with the iLok License Manager.

You can activate and deactivate licenses at your own will - just make sure that you have access to the computer / iLok dongle you need to activate or deactivate. Remote activation or deactivation is not possible.

If you’ve lost access to a computer or iLok dongle and you need to retrieve an activation, please see this support article for machine resets.

Soothe2 and Spiff licenses come with two (2) activations. Bloom is delivered with three (3) concurrent activations.

To activate your license onto a new computer, please open the iLok License Manager on the specific computer you’d like to activate. Log in to your iLok account holding your oeksound license/s, locate the license you want to activate by viewing all of your licenses on your iLok account, and right-click on the license to “Activate”.

iLok dongles can be activated in the same fashion, just requiring that the dongle is plugged in for the entire process.

To deactivate a license from a computer or iLok dongle, follow the process similarly but choose “Deactivate” when rather than “Activate”.

Activations are for personal use only!

Please note, that the activations we offer per license are for personal use only. This is documented in our End-User License Agreement which you as a user accept when installing our products. Attempting to share your license with others voids the EULA.

Please reach out to us for a quote if you are a studio or an institution that would like to purchase multiple licenses (one license per workstation in shared / multi-seat environments), and we can possibly strike you a bulk discount deal!