Redeem, activate and download

Licenses for our products are provided a bit differently depending on whether you purchased a full version or an upgrade.

Full licenses

Full licenses for Soothe2 and Spiff are delivered as a license serial number. You should’ve received your license via email after your purchase has cleared.

Activate your license

Launch the iLok License Manager, log in to your iLok account and select Licenses -> Redeem Activation Code from the toolbar. If you don’t have the iLok License Manager installed, you can download and install it from here.

After redeeming your code, the license can be activated and moved freely between destinations (your account, host computer and iLok 2 / 3). This is done in iLok License Manager. Using the activation code (license serial) again will not work. Learn how to activate your license onto a 2nd or new location here.

We recommend that you activate your license in the iLok License Manager before installing your product. In the past we’ve experienced that some DAW’s react unfriendly to plug-ins without licenses and instantly block them, even before the activation process is allowed to begin. We can’t help this very much, so activating the license between installing is recommended.

If you encounter any issues with your license, please contact us and we’ll get you sorted out ASAP.

Upgrade license for Soothe2

If you’ve bought an upgrade license for Soothe2, the license has been automatically deployed to your iLok account which you provided to us when purchasing!

You’ll find your upgrade license in the iLok License Manager, ready to be activated onto your preferred location. Once the activation process is complete, go ahead and download Soothe2!

But where do I download the plug-in from?

Right from our website! Please head to our downloads page to get any plug-in you need. You can return to this website later if you need to download any plug-in onto a new system.

Activations are for personal use only!

Please note, that the two activations we offer per license are for personal use only. This is documented in our End-User License Agreement which you as a user accept when installing our products. Attempting to share your license with others voids the EULA.

Please contact us for a quote if you are a studio or an institution that would like to purchase multiple licenses (one license per workstation in shared / multi-seat environments), and we can possibly strike you a bulk discount deal!