Trial expired, projects not opening

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. In some cases after a trial license for Soothe2 or Spiff has expired and users want to open sessions that have Soothe2 or Spiff as inserts, the session won’t open properly and/or the DAW will quit. We’ve understood that these cases are very system-specific and hence we haven’t been able to find a cure just yet!

If ever this was to happen to you, don’t worry, as aide is available: you need to uninstall the plug-in in question blocking the opening of your session.

To uninstall on macOS, please run the uninstaller provided in the same package with the installer for either Soothe2 or Spiff, respectively. If you’ve trashed the disk image/s containing both the installer/s and the uninstaller/s, you can download it/them from our downloads page here.

To uninstall on Windows, please use the “Add or Remove Programs” -function (or similar) to uninstall Soothe2 and/or Spiff.