Upgrade from Soothe to Soothe2

If you own a license for Soothe, you are eligible for an upgrade deal. An upgrade license is available for purchase at our webshop for 50€, which brings you level to the cost of a full license of Soothe2, 199€.

Please note that to purchase an upgrade license, you must have a license for Soothe on your iLok account. For customers who bought Soothe after the 23rd of May on 2018, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you purchased Soothe before that and are still on Soothe 1.1.x and our legacy licensing manager, you have to transfer your license to your iLok account before purchasing an upgrade for Soothe2.

  • Please click here for instructions on how to transfer your license from your oeksound.com account onto your iLok account.

Our websop will check whether or not you have a valid license for Soothe on your account, and after getting a positive answer it will automatically deposit an upgrade license onto your iLok account. After this, please open the iLok License Manager to activate your new license.