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Are the presets missing? Download here!

To download the presets for soothe2, click here

  • On macOS, unzip your download to:
    /Library/Application Support/oeksound/soothe2/Presets
  • On Windows, unzip your download to:

To download the presets for soothe, click here

  • On macOS, unzip your download to:
    /Library/Application Support/oeksound/soothe/Presets
  • On Windows, unzip your download to:

To download the presets for spiff, click here

  • On macOS, unzip your download to:
    /Library/Application Support/oeksound/spiff/Presets
  • On Windows, unzip your download to:

On macOS, navigate to the folder by going to Finder, opening the “Go” dropdown menu and using the “Go to Folder”-function.

On Windows, on some systems the “\ProgramData”-folder might be a hidden folder.

Can I install soothe2 alongside the original soothe?

Yes, you can!

soothe2 does not overwrite soothe, and appears on your DAW as a separate plug-in. Your recalls are safe.

Can I resell my licenses?

Yes, you can!

soothe2, soothe and spiff

Unfortunately, the transfer can’t be initiated through the iLok License Manager. All transfer’s have to manually through us.

Please note:

  • An upgrade license cannot be sold by itself. This means that both your license for soothe and your upgrade license will be revoked, and your buyer will receive a full license for soothe2. Keep this in mind while considering your price.
  • The complimentary soothe licenses included with a soothe2 license will be need to be revoked as well.
  • Older licenses with three activations will be deployed as licenses with two activations when transferred. This only applies for soothe licenses bought before 23rd May 2018.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Deactivate your license from all activated locations. This means both any activated computers and iLok 23’s.
  2. Send us a message to with these bits of details from both you and your buyer:
    • Full names
    • iLok ID’s
    • The email addresses associated with those iLok ID’s.
  3. Give us the final green light to go ahead with the transfer. This can’t be reversed afterwards.
  4. We will notify you once the transfer is complete, at which point you should notify your buyer that they can now find and activate their license in the iLok License Manager.
External sidechain latency compensation

In order to work as intended, soothe2 requires the main and sidechain inputs to arrive in sync, properly delay compensated if necessary. The delay compensation of sidechain routings is handled by the DAW.

Please see the table below for the current status of sidechain delay compensation on different DAWs according to our tests.

Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.5not compensated properly
Logic Pro X 10.4.8not compensated properly
Cubase 9.0ok
Reaper 6ok
Studio One 4ok
Ableton Live 10ok
FL Studio 20ok
Bitwig 3ok
How to redeem and activate?

Licenses to our products are provided a bit differently depending on whether you purchased a full version or an upgrade.

Upgrade license for soothe2

If you’ve bought an upgrade license for soothe2, the license has been automatically deployed to your iLok account which you provided to us when purchasing!

You’ll find your upgrade license in the iLok License Manager, ready to be activated onto your preferred location. Once the activation process is complete, go ahead and download soothe2!

Full licenses for soothe2, soothe & spiff

Full licenses for soothe2, soothe and spiff are delivered as a license key, also known as an Activation code.

We recommend that you activate your license in the iLok License Manager before installing your product. In the past we’ve experienced that some DAWs react unfriendly to plug-ins without licenses and instantly Blacklist them, even before the activation process (method 2) is allowed to begin.

Method 1: From iLok License Manager

If you prefer, or your production system is offline, the same steps can be performed in iLok License Manager instead on another computer with online access. Launch the iLok License Manager, log in and select Licenses -> Redeem Activation Code. Sometimes using the iLok License Manager is the only way, since your DAW might think that you’re using unauthorised software and will automatically blacklist the plug-in before even allowing the activation process to begin.

After activation, the license can be moved freely between destinations (your account, host computer and iLok 2 / 3). This is done from iLok License Manager.

Method 2: When launching the plugin for the first time

First, install the plug-in and make sure you are running an up-to-date version of the free iLok License Manager software (download link).

Be sure to download the latest version of soothe. Legacy versions 1.1.4 and below will not support the iLok license you have purchased.

After that, launch your DAW. When opening or scanning the plug-in for the first time, a pop-up window with text “activation is required” will open.

  1. Click on the Activate button and enter your activation code in the Activation Code Entry dialog. Copy-paste works here. After you have entered the code, click Next.
  2. You will be asked for your iLok user ID and password. Enter them and click Next.
  3. You will be asked to select the activation location. Choose the host computer or iLok. Please note that iLok(s) appear here only if they are connected and associated to your account).
  4. After selecting the desired location, click Next.
  5. If the activation was successful, a success dialog appears. Click Continue and you’re good to go!

But where do I download the plug-in from?

Right from our website! Please head to our downloads page to get any plug-in you need!

I bought a license for soothe2, but I need to open and use the original soothe.

A license for soothe2 is also eligible for using soothe. Due to complicated license depositing reasons we won’t bore you with, this process goes manually through the following form:

Fill in the form with the required details, and a license for soothe will be deployed onto your iLok account. Please find and activate your license in the iLok License Manager.

A download link for soothe can be found here:

I have soothe, and I want to upgrade to soothe2. What's the procedure?

If you own a license for soothe, you are eligible for an upgrade deal. An upgrade license is available for purchase in our webshop for 50€, which brings you level to the cost of a full license of soothe2, 199€.

Please note, that to be able to purchase an upgrade license, you must have a license for soothe on your iLok account. For customers who bought soothe after the 23rd of May on 2018, there’s nothing to worry about. However if you purchased soothe before that date and you are still on soothe 1.1.x and on our legacy licensing manager, you have to transfer your license to your iLok account before purchasing an upgrade for soothe2.

  • Please click here for instructions on how to transfer your license from your account onto your iLok account.

Our websop will check whether or not you have a valid license for soothe on your account, and after getting a positive answer it will automatically deposit an upgrade license onto your iLok account. After this, please open the iLok License Manager to activate your new license.

I purchased soothe just before soothe2 was announced! Do I get a grace period?

No, there is no grace period available. We’re offering an upgrade license for 50€.

But before sighing of disappointment, hear us out. You paid 149€ for soothe (or even less if you bought second hand or during a sale). A full license for soothe2 costs 199€. The upgrade deal of 50€ brings you level (or even less) to what you paid for soothe. No one is losing any extra money here!

Where can I find the manual?

The manuals for soothe2, soothe and spiff open automatically at first launch. After that, the manual can be found in the plug-in. You’ll find the manual by opening the plug-in in a DAW, clicking the cog-symbol at the top-right corner of the window and clicking the “?”-symbol next to the “settings”-tab on the right.

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