Try free for 20 days

Before committing to a purchase

By activating and using a trial license, you’ll be able to make sure that your system is compatible with our products.

Please use the free, full-functioning and non-restricted 20-day trial license that we provide. You won’t get any noise bursts or random mutes - you’ll get the full experience for your whole trial period.

The software is exactly the same regardless of if you’re using a trial or a full license, which means that you won’t need to install the plug-in again if you choose to purchase a full license after your trial.

The trials are provided on a no-restrictions basis, which means that you can use the trial license any way you like. Please feel free to publish anything you’ve made while using a trial license if you wish to do so.

Start the trial by downloading and installing the plug-in

Download either Soothe2 or Spiff from here, and install it. Once installed, you should be prompted to either start a trial or activate your license. Choose “try” to start your trial period!

If you had issues with starting the trial from the plug-in, please see this support article for further assistance.

You can also contact us if you have any questions about our products during your trial!

Please note, that all purchases are final.

If you purchase and find out that your computer isn’t compatible to run the software, we are not obliged to refund your purchase. Always ensure compatibility with a trial license first.