When I first started working in London at Metropolis Studios, I had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest producers and audio engineers in the country. I quickly learned that having an arsenal with great sounding plugins at your disposal is key to ensure a great sounding mix! To be able to identify a problem and understand “the steps” you need to take to fix that problem with ease is an essential part of audio editing. Now ladies and gentlemen, imagine not having to take any of these tedious steps to get great sounding results. All you need is one simple step.

(Drum roll please) introducing soothe2!

It removes the guess work out of EQ-ing and gets rid of all unwanted frequencies. Could you ask for anything better? Simply put, soothe2 is a must have plugin and I highly recommend it!”

“If you’re looking for a couple of plugins that will sound great on literally every mix you do, then the Spiff and soothe2 from oeksound are the right plugins for you!