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Greg Wells

Katy Perry, Adele, Timbaland

Microphones are unnatural things and can bring out overtones in the voice that the listener wouldn’t normally be bothered by. I’m always battling to make the music sound like real music coming through the unforgiving speakers, and routinely spend at least an hour automating EQ on individual syllables on a lead vocal.

soothe is a magic wand for lead vocals. It keeps all the voice and takes away the harsh anomalies of what happens when you put a microphone a few centimeters away from a singer’s mouth. The results actually sound better than the EQ editing I’ve always done, as soothe can make dozens of adjustments within one syllable. Thank you for such brilliant work!

Henkka Niemistö

Mastering Engineering @Chartmakers

soothe, the first plug-in in a while to find its place in my otherwise analog mastering signal chain.


Dada Life

soothe is like magic, removes those nasty peaks and annoying frequencies you spend so much time trying to remove.

I wish I had this tool back when I mixed the talkbox for One Smile. One weeks job cut down to just minutes.

Also, apply soothe to cymbals to make them less ringing and easier to fit into the mix.

Aiko Rohd

Infrarohd Music, Berlin

soothe is a true gem. It’s been a tremendous timesaver during my production process - especially during vocal production and mixing, but it also shines on numerous other sounds.

soothe does with ease what used to take hours and hours of tweaking. It manages to stay true to the original character of a signal while removing unpleasant resonances in a very musical way - and all of that dynamically, on an unlimited number of bands, in real time.

It ended up on every single record I’ve done ever since I got my hands on it, and I don’t think that’s going to change anything soon. Kudos to Olli and his team at oeksound for this amazing tool.

Michalis "MsM" Michael

Skepta, Jme, Wiley, Chipmunk

soothe A plug-in that dynamically notches out problem frequencies and resonances - genius.

Chris Shaw

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Public Enemy

I’ve been waiting years for someone to design a plug-in that does what soothe does. Dynamic EQs and soft saturators never seem to do the job in a musical way and required a lot of tweaking and fussing. soothe does in minutes what used to take hours. This plug-in will pay for itself very quickly in time saved.

Rik Simpson

Coldplay, Jay-Z, Portishead

soothe is the best name for this wonder, if you’ve ever had a sound (or combination of sounds) that takes your head off when you turn it up then Soothe is the answer for you. It’s very sympathetic to the energy of the original sound but manages to smooth the harshness while retaining the character.

Ross Hogarth

Van Halen, Ziggy Marley, Keb’ Mo’

I wish I started using soothe a lifetime ago…
I just demoed it on a mix and it worked flawlessly, not only on vocals but on guitars too.
It takes the dog bark mid frequencies and harshness out without a notch eq.
One of the best plug-ins I’ve ever used, incredibly versatile.
A must have plug-in for my toolbox

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