about oeksound

oeksound is Helsinki based fresh company, envisioned and founded by Olli Erik Keskinen. With background in both signal processing and sound engineering, we’ve set out to find solutions to the problems faced with the digital audio production systems.

We focus on bringing innovative sound mixing and mastering tools for both professionals and enthusiasts. With already so many companies around chasing the perfect modelling for yet another 1176-emulation, we’re here to craft new tools for the modern needs.

soothe is the first release in our line of state-of-the-art audio processors. And with a number of novel algorithms in the back pocket, there is more to come. Entirely new and CPU-heavy number-crunching schemes are available to us – we can already run an email mailbox on a toaster, so why not run a complex signal processing on a laptop for audio production?

As a small and lean company, we are eager to pursue and push forward the technologies and solutions the sound engineers see useful. So if you really need a fix to an age-old problem, pop us a message, we just might be able to find the solution.