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soothe2 changelog

Released on May 27th 2021
  • greatly optimized processing performance on modern CPUs
  • Big Sur compatibility
  • bug fixes:
    • Logic 10.6.2: soothe2 no longer contributes to crashing some Logic projects containing several different iLok-protected plug-ins
    • EQ nodes jumped to their previous positions after changing presets under certain conditions
    • Windows + Pro Tools: on some setups projects that had a large amount of soothe2 instances might freeze the DAW’s interface
Released on March 2nd 2021
  • Mitch McCarthy’s presets
  • revised manual with the latest features
  • improvements and fixes to preset menu
    • double click and enter selects preset
    • quicker search for tags and presets
  • improved drawing with openGL on
  • fixed low-level distortion when doing heavy reduction on very low frequencies
  • fixed low-level distortion on very low frequencies when trim is not zero
  • bug fixes
    • batch processing with RX
    • vst3 sidechain cue toggle produced a click
    • graph glitches when switching stereo to mono
Released on November 19th 2020
  • bugfix regarding enabling/disabling frequency graph nodes
Released on October 12th 2020
  • “Next” and “Previous” buttons for browsing presets
  • more sensible undo behaviour when a preset is changed
  • added mappings for Avid control surfaces
  • fixed buggy VST3 in Sequoia and Samplitude
  • various minor bug fixes and improvements
Released on August 17th 2020
  • plug-in tutorials
  • new presets
  • new options for band listen
  • user presets can be opened from any folder
  • various bug fixes and UI improvements
Released on March 2nd 2020
  • new presets
  • band reject nodes get drawn correctly with OpenGL disabled
  • improved graphics performance on macOS
  • several minor tweaks
Released on February 10th 2020
  • new presets and preset menu layout
  • hidden stereo balance control does not affect mono instances anymore
  • fixed mono instance in Cubase 10.5, Digital Performer and Adobe Audition
  • fixed undo history behaviour when copying A and B states
  • fixed crash on Pro Tools when using “commit up to this insert” and excluding soothe2 from the commit chain
Released on January 23rd 2020

Initial release.