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soothe live: a dynamic resonance suppressor optimized for live audio

The celebrated technology behind Soothe and Soothe2, now adapted for live use. Designed for Avid VENUE | S6L and Pro Tools | HDX systems, Soothe Live identifies problematic resonances and applies matching reduction in real-time.

soothe live screenshot

Enter a new era
 of live mixing

Use Soothe Live to remove harshness from any sound source without having to notch out frequencies by hand. Clear muddiness, boominess and proximity effect, or reduce cymbal bleed with sidechain functionality. The reduction follows resonant frequencies, acting exactly when and where needed.

Low latency –
 enhanced performance

Soothe Live was built from scratch to suit the live environment and offers a latency of only 64 samples, resulting in a roundtrip latency of less than 1 ms or 95 samples on the S6L. The optimized processing lets you remove harshness throughout the frequency spectrum while using minimal resources, allowing for up to 54 mono or 36 stereo instances on a single 18-core HDX card.

Live inputs constantly change from night to night and mixers need a tool that can adapt with them. Typical dynamic equalizers are useful when the input is consistent, but this isn’t always the case live. Soothe Live offers the flexibility and adaptability that is really needed to keep up with ever-changing sources. Soothe Live ensures I get the sound I want night after night, no matter what I throw at it.

Jacob Feinberg

FOH engineer for Modest Mouse, Father John Misty, Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes

Fast and responsive
 user interface

Soothe Live’s intuitive and responsive user interface is optimized for live sound. Its parameters are designed specifically for live mixing and are mapped to favor useful settings and common use-cases. Interact with Soothe Live as you see fit: with knobs on the control surface, a mouse, or the touch screen. Speed up your workflow with touch screen gestures.

 under control

Soothe Live’s controls are simple to use. Turning up the depth knob increases the processing, which is reflected in the reduction graph, giving you instant feedback. The EQ nodes let you decide which frequency areas to target, making the processing more sensitive to ‘boosted’ frequencies. The speed knob combines attack and release parameters into a thoughtfully mapped dial with golden zones for different sound sources. Use the detail knob to adjust between sharp cuts, to tackle narrow resonances, or broad reduction for more general tone shaping.

Soothe Live is a game changer, I put it on every type of input and output and any problem is easily solved in zero time. Best ever.

Sean “Sully” Sullivan

FOH engineer for Roger Waters, Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Rihanna, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Beastie Boys, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson

a word from our users

Soothe Live was made for people who are serious about live mixing. We’re honored and grateful to have worked with beta testers who mix some of the bigger acts in the world. Getting their feedback during the development phase was crucial in making Soothe Live the best it can be.

I was already aware of Soothe from my studio work, so was very happy to help in the development of Soothe Live. I’m always trying to maximize dynamic and musical intention in my live sound work, and Soothe has become an essential tool in helping me to achieve that.

Marc Carolan

FOH engineer for Muse, Snow Patrol, The Cure
Co Owner of Black Mountain Studios

Made for
 the road

Soothe Live tackles some of the fundamental problems in live mixing. Effective on individual channels and busses, it’s a fast way to combat resonances, and a remedy to uneven tonal balance across the frequency spectrum. Use it to even out low-mid frequencies or tame bright instruments.

Studio precision
 now live

Use the sidechain input to tame bleed from other instruments, like cymbal bleed in a vocal mic, or to carve out space for vocals in a crowded mix. Target specific resonances while leaving the other parts of the frequency spectrum intact.

Soothe Live does something I haven’t experienced in any other live plugin: microphones and acoustic environments are highly variable in a live environment and what makes sense in one moment can be entirely wrong the next. I find that Soothe understands the intention of what I’m trying to do and then does a much better than normal job of tracking and fixing changes in performance and environment in a dynamic way.

Gareth Owen

Sound designer for MJ the Musical, Back to the Future, & Juliet

Soothe where
 it's needed

Soothe Live was designed first and foremost out of love for live music. Our team includes multiple live audio engineers, and we’re passionate about creating tools where they are needed the most.

Technical specifications

  • Available for Avid S6L and Pro Tools | HDX platforms
  • Algorithm latency of 0.66 ms
  • Roundtrip latency ~1.0 ms
  • Sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz supported on Pro Tools | HDX
  • Can run 54 mono or 36 stereo instances on a single 18-core HDX card
  • Full frequency range operation
  • Sidechain feature
  • Touch screen optimized with touch gestures

Get soothe live

If you have an active Avid support plan for your S6L console or software, you get a free one-year Soothe Live license from Avid. Head over to your Avid account to redeem it.


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Please note that Soothe Live runs only on Avid S6L and HDX devices, so make sure you have access to compatible hardware.

Soothe Live requires additional hardware equipment to operate. Soothe Live will not work without either an Avid VENUE | S6L console or a Pro Tools | HDX equipped hardware unit.

To purchase a Soothe Live license, please confirm that you own or use at least one of the following: