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Buy with Rent-to-Own

As an alternative to purchasing a perpetual license, you can get your hands on our plug-ins via our Rent-to-Own subscriptions. Unlike a regular subscription, with Rent-to-Own you’ll pay monthly for the plug-in of your choice for 18 payment periods after which you will receive a perpetual license and your recurring payments will stop.

The monthly price is shown on the product page when clicking on the “rent-to-own” button (Soothe Live is not available via Rent-to-Own). For total transparency, please note that after the full 18 payment periods, the final sum is slightly higher than what the plug-in would cost when bought in one payment due to service costs. You can stop and resume your subscription without losing progress. You can also pay off the remaining amount all at once if you wish. Please check out our End-User License Agreement for details.

To get your plug-in of choice with Rent-to-Own, click the “rent-to-own” button next to the plug-in on the front page or on any of the product pages. After your first payment has been secured, a subscription license will be deposited onto your iLok account, and will be available for activation in the iLok License Manager. No license serial code will be delivered.

Please note that Rent-to-Own subscriptions don’t benefit from general sales or other promotions. You can only have one subscription license per plug-in on your iLok account at a time.

To view and manage your Rent-to-Own subscription/s, click here. You only need the email address that you used when starting your subscription/s, as well as your iLok user ID. A login link will be sent to your email.

Anything regarding payment methods is handled on our e-commerce partner, FastSpring’s, account management.

To update or view your payment method, please go to