Second-hand licenses

Resell your license as 2nd hand

Our licenses are eligible for 2nd hand resells.

The transfer can’t be initiated by the user through the iLok License Manager like some other plug-in licenses. All transfers have to go manually through us. A fee of $15 applies to each transfer.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Fill in the license transfer form. If you want to sell multiple licenses, you’ll have to go through this procedure individually for each license.
  2. You will receive an order confirmation email along with an “Action required” email to the email address you provided (your iLok email address). Please read and follow the instructions in the latter email. Check your spam folder, too!
  3. Once you’ve followed the instructions and confirmed the transfer, the process will take from one to two business days for our personnel to check and complete. oeksound support will inform you when the license is transferred, and you will be asked to inform the recipient about their new licenses.

Please note:

  • oeksound claims all right to reject license transfers. Please make sure that you provide the correct information when requesting a license transfer. Different names, email addresses, or other inconsistencies will be red-flagged and investigated.
  • All transfers are final. The transfers cannot be reverted after completion, so please be sure about every detail. If you purchase a license transfer but decide not to confirm the transfer, oeksound is not obliged to return the license transfer fee.
  • Licenses must be at least one (1) month old. This means that if you’ve just purchased a license and want to sell it, you’ll have to wait for one month until a transfer can be made.
  • An upgrade license cannot be sold by itself. This means that both your license for Soothe and your upgrade license will be revoked, and your buyer will receive a full license for Soothe2. Keep this in mind while considering your price.
  • If you own an upgrade license for Soothe2, you can’t sell Soothe(1) by itself. In this case, both the full license for Soothe and the upgrade license for Soothe2 will be revoked.
  • The complimentary Soothe license included with a Soothe2 license will be revoked as well.
  • Older licenses with three activations will be deployed as licenses with two activations when transferred. This only applies to Soothe licenses bought before 23rd May 2018.