Soothe Live on other platforms

Soothe Live is only for Avid VENUE S6L and Pro Tools HDX platforms.

Realizing Soothe Live has required a tremendous amount of work. The algorithm has been fully revised and further optimized to cut down the latency while keeping the computational cost at bay. The parameterization has been streamlined to suit the fast-paced workflow that takes place in the live sound environment. We’ve also had to create a highly optimized graphics rendering pipeline to display the GUI on the S6L, along with multi-touch gestures and interactions for the touch screen.

Tackling these problems has also provided us with a deeper understanding of the underlying fundamentals we work with, along with a few technical innovations here and there that we hope we can bring to our future products.

We’d like to point out that Soothe Live is a completely separate product from Soothe and Soothe2. Soothe Live will only work on Avid VENUE S6L and Pro Tools HDX platforms. And no, we don’t have any betas for other versions.