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Can't start the trial

If for any reason you weren’t able to start your 20-day trial period for Soothe2 / Bloom / Spiff from within your DAW after downloading and installing the plug-in, here are some steps to get you going!

  1. Using the form at the bottom of this page, choose which plug-in you want to trial, fill in your iLok user ID, and click send.

  2. A trial license will be deposited directly onto your iLok account. You can find and activate the trial license in the iLok License Manager app, which should’ve been installed together with the plug-in. To activate the trial license, right-click on the license to choose “Activate”.

    Please note, that no license code will be provided for the trial.

  3. Once the trial license is activated onto your location in the iLok License Manager, the plug-in in question should open and work normally for the whole duration of the trial in your DAW!

  4. In some rare cases, you’ll have to rescan your plug-ins into your DAW and reset the blacklist also while doing so. As every DAW works a bit differently in this regard please do a google search like so: “[your DAW here] blacklist reset and rescan”.

If after these steps you still haven’t been able to start using the plug-in, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more help!