Supported DAWs

Use your free, full-function 20-day trial license to ensure compatibility before committing to purchasing a full license.

As DAWs are getting updated left right and center and old ones are still being used by quite a few people, we can’t stay on track with testing all the Digital Audio Workstations out there. We test on all major DAWs, but some older ones might be left under the radar.

Because of the above, we let you make sure your system and your favorite DAW is compatible with our products yourself, in the environment you’re most familiar with. Please ensure that your system is compatible by using the free, non-restricted 20-day trial license we provide for each of our products before committing to purchasing a full license.

Please note, that all purchases are final and can’t be reverted due to technical incompatibilities. More information about return policies can be found in the Terms of Service you accept when purchasing a license from us.