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our first release in the line of modern audio processors

This version of soothe is no longer available for purchase, please check out soothe2.
The license of soothe2 also includes a complementary license of soothe.

soothe audio processor

soothe is our first release in the line of modern audio processors by oeksound. Originally designed as vocal processor, the plug-in gives you the perfect, in control, world class vocal sound you’ve been striving for, with unmatched ease.

So long, notching

soothe is a dynamic equaliser with self-adjusting frequency bands. Unlike traditional EQ-tools, soothe analyses the signal on the fly and adjusts the frequency-wise reduction based on the input. This saves you from having to manually notch the problematic mid and high frequencies. The reduction kicks in when needed and where needed, without affecting the nearby frequency areas. This results in more detail, top end, and presence, in a way that is hard to unhear.

High mids tricky, soothe simple

Carefully designed vocal processors are great general purpose tools. soothe excels in fixing a range of problems:

  • A vocalist with problematic sibilance recorded with a saturating microphone.
  • Fingerboard noises on acoustic guitar and double bass tracks.
  • Excessive whistling from the cymbal close mics.
  • Overly bright electric guitar and piano tracks.

soothe works wonders on individual tracks as well as on sub mixes and master bus.

One user interface to control them all

Modern, well designed, and informative graphical user interface allows you to target just the areas you want, with control over the frequency range and sensitivity of the process. The unique frequency graph shows exactly which frequencies are being processed. Tweak the material for round results that sit well in the mix, or go overboard and find new innovative sounds! The delta toggle presents you with the difference signal, letting you hear and see just what is being removed. This allows you to fine-tune the parameters with confidence.

available as:

Windows 7 and up as 32/64bit VST and 64 bit AAX.

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) – 10.16 (Big Sur) as 32/64bit VST and AU, and 64 bit AAX, Intel-based Macs.

(Legacy versions down to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), current version OS X 10.10 and up)

iLok account and iLok License Manager installation required. iLok dongle is not required. Online access required for the initial activation of the product and trial. One license allows activation of the product on 2 machines. Licenses are valid for both Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

Please ensure system and DAW compatibility by using your free, full feature trial license before committing to purchasing a full license. All purchases are final.

Listen ma’, no artifacts

We’ve put several years on R&D to designing a spectral process with minimum amount of artifacts. soothe is free from pre-ring, crossovers, and summing artifacts commonly found in dynamic eqs and multi-band compressors. The process sounds as natural as you like, with the option to add even more resolution and oversampling – if your CPU can handle it!

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Greg Wells
Katy Perry, Adele, Timbaland

Microphones are unnatural things and can bring out overtones in the voice that the listener wouldn’t normally be bothered by. I’m always battling to make the music sound like real music coming through the unforgiving speakers, and routinely spend at least an hour automating EQ on individual syllables on a lead vocal.

soothe is a magic wand for lead vocals. It keeps all the voice and takes away the harsh anomalies of what happens when you put a microphone a few centimeters away from a singer’s mouth. The results actually sound better than the EQ editing I’ve always done, as soothe can make dozens of adjustments within one syllable. Thank you for such brilliant work!

Michalis "MsM" Michael
Skepta, Jme, Wiley, Chipmunk

soothe A plug-in that dynamically notches out problem frequencies and resonances - genius.

Henkka Niemistö
Mastering Engineering @Chartmakers

soothe, the first plug-in in a while to find its place in my otherwise analog mastering signal chain.

Dada Life

soothe is like magic, removes those nasty peaks and annoying frequencies you spend so much time trying to remove.

I wish I had this tool back when I mixed the talkbox for One Smile. One weeks job cut down to just minutes.

Also, apply soothe to cymbals to make them less ringing and easier to fit into the mix.

Aiko Rohd
Infrarohd Music, Berlin

soothe is a true gem. It’s been a tremendous timesaver during my production process - especially during vocal production and mixing, but it also shines on numerous other sounds.

soothe does with ease what used to take hours and hours of tweaking. It manages to stay true to the original character of a signal while removing unpleasant resonances in a very musical way - and all of that dynamically, on an unlimited number of bands, in real time.

It ended up on every single record I’ve done ever since I got my hands on it, and I don’t think that’s going to change anything soon. Kudos to Olli and his team at oeksound for this amazing tool.

Ryan Hewitt
The Lumineers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamie Cullum

While I do like multiband compressors and de-essers, they are often not detailed or specific enough in their ability to nail down nasty frequencies. soothe lets me dial in (or really, dial OUT) problem areas very quickly and without strange artefacts that can occur with a normal compressor. The GUI and controls are very intuitive and I can make a difficult track sit in the mix easily. The bottom line is that with soothe, I can spend more time being creative rather than fixing problems.

Ian Vargo
The Pro Audio Files,

A secret weapon that I’ve been using a lot recently to tame harshness in hyper-processed vocals is soothe by oeksound, which functions similarly to a de-esser in that it adapts to the program material and attenuates unwanted frequencies only when they are detected. I’ve had great success using soothe at the very end of my vocal chain.

Dave McNair
David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen

I love to use soothe as a final finishing stroke in mastering after I’ve done any EQing. It’s so invisible but can be very effective at reducing digital ‘glare’ and harshness that is otherwise hard to reduce with eq or other processing.

Chris Shaw
Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Public Enemy

I’ve been waiting years for someone to design a plug-in that does what soothe does. Dynamic EQs and soft saturators never seem to do the job in a musical way and required a lot of tweaking and fussing. soothe does in minutes what used to take hours. This plug-in will pay for itself very quickly in time saved.

Rik Simpson
Coldplay, Jay-Z, Portishead

soothe is the best name for this wonder, if you’ve ever had a sound (or combination of sounds) that takes your head off when you turn it up then Soothe is the answer for you. It’s very sympathetic to the energy of the original sound but manages to smooth the harshness while retaining the character.

Ross Hogarth
Van Halen, Ziggy Marley, Keb’ Mo’

I wish I started using soothe a lifetime ago…
I just demoed it on a mix and it worked flawlessly, not only on vocals but on guitars too.
It takes the dog bark mid frequencies and harshness out without a notch eq.
One of the best plug-ins I’ve ever used, incredibly versatile.
A must have plug-in for my toolbox

Jason LaRocca
Aquaman, Fortnite, Black Mirror

soothe is one of those very special plugins that can almost become addictive. It is amazing on drums and solo instruments like cello, analog synths and of course vocals. It is an essential plug in to have for any style of mixing, period.

Douglas Murray
War for the Planet of the Apes

Working with the lavaliere microphones on War for the Planet of the Apes was difficult. These mics are designed to be placed off axis, but were mounted on axis on small booms on the motion capture helmets of the ape characters during the location recordings. Director Matt Reeves wanted the voices of Caesar and the apes to be made from Andy Serkis’ and the other actors’ on location performances wherever possible, which meant using the lav mic sounds. These sounds were typically very harsh and occasionally overloaded in the highs.

I couldn’t get control of these extreme problems with all the usual de-esser and multi-band dynamics plug-ins. I saw a mention of soothe as an innovative new kind of de-esser from a Pro Tools music producer and gave it a try. I was thrilled to see how transparently soothe was able to make a harsh recording into a warm voice. I used soothe as an insert on all the ape lavaliere recordings for the film.

Being able to use the actual sync performances sounded great and helped us make the apes into the empathetic characters they are in the film, which won an MPSE Golden Reel for best Achievement in Sound Editing – Dialogue / ADR in 2018.