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Get back lost activation

Did your computer crash, did you update your operating system or did you sell your old computer? Have you lost your iLok dongle or was it stolen?

One of your two activations per license might be temporarily lost. No worries, though!

(For lost or broken iLok dongles, see below)

Request for a machine reset in the iLok License Manager

To request a machine reset, please right-click on the location that can’t be accessed anymore to choose “Report as Unusable” in the left-hand sidebar of the iLok License Manager. Fill in some details and hit “Submit request”. The developers will get notified about this, so you don’t have to send any extra messages to the developer. Machine reset requests are usually approved during the same day or the next, depending on weekends and holidays.

For older versions of the iLok License Manager:

If for any reason you have lost access to a machine that your license for any plug-in from us (excl. Soothe ver. 1.1.4 and earlier) is activated, we can reset that location for our licenses. We’ll need you to contact us and provide your iLok user ID and the Location ID of the redundant machine.

The Location ID can be found by right-clicking on the lost machine to “Show Details” in the left-hand sidebar of the iLok License Manager. The Location ID looks like this:


Please note, that the Location ID is not the name of the machine, which could be e.g. Joel’s MacBook Pro or DESKTOP-XXXXXXX

Lost an activation due to a broken or a lost/stolen iLok dongle?

If something was to happen to your iLok dongle, the first thing to do is to be in touch with PACE / iLok here. When we know a bit more about the situation, we will provide new licenses if you haven’t purchased insurance from iLok that covers your licenses.

If you need new licenses due to a stolen or lost iLok, please contact us and give us the RMA Number you will receive from PACE / iLok as well as your iLok account ID. We will revoke your old license/s and deposit new one/s in replacement.