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a dynamic resonance suppressor
available for 199€ (upgrade from the original soothe 50€)
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soothe harshness, save time

soothe2 is a dynamic resonance suppressor. It identifies problematic resonances on the fly and applies matching reduction automatically. This results in a smoother, more balanced sound and saves you from having to notch out the frequencies by hand. The reduction kicks in only when and where needed without affecting the nearby frequency areas. This preserves the timbre of the original sound source and results in transparent treatment with minimal artefacts.

soothe2 can be used to reduce harshness, sibilance and mud from the sound source, and excels in fixing a range of problems. With soothe2 you can:

  • Remove harshness from close mic’d sound sources
  • Transparently manage sibilance in vocals and dialog
  • Treat uneven tonal balance from suboptimal recordings
  • Clear muddiness, boominess, and proximity effect
  • Soften overly bright guitar and piano recordings
  • Tame piercing synth sounds

soothe2 saves time and effort in audio work. It is equally at home on individual tracks and on busses. It works wonders on anything from sound design and post-production to the most demanding mastering applications.

quick yet detailed

soothe2 has been designed with simplicity in mind. It is fast to set up and easy to use, yet allowing you to fine tune the processing to your needs. Pressing the delta button presents you with what soothe2 is removing, and is the quickest way to understand what the processor is reacting to.

The modern, well thought-out and informative user interface makes it easy to target just the frequency areas you wish, with control over the frequency range and sensitivity of the process. The unique frequency graph shows the reduction exactly as it’s happening.

improved in every aspect

soothe2 is our second take on the concept of resonance removal. The algorithm has been redesigned from the ground up to improve sound quality, performance and flexibility while retaining its ease-of-use.

The new soft mode is a more transparent and easy to use approach for most cases, while the hard mode lets you hone in on extreme resonances and energy build-ups.

soothe2 works on the entire hearing range. Where the original plug-in was targeted towards mid and high resonances, soothe2 pushes the frequency range all the way down to 20 Hz. The improved precision on low frequencies opens up the possibility to treat muddiness and rumble, and effortlessly balance low end resonances.

The addition of the attack and release parameters lets you slow down the processing to leave transients intact, and opens up the possibility to use soothe as a resonance-based tonal balancer.

Other key new features:

  • Mid/side mode, overall and per band
  • Optimised performance and lower latency
  • External sidechain input

all grown up

soothe2 is a result of years of research and development. It combines novel heuristics for finding resonances with advanced filtering techniques to minimise degradation of the signal quality. The process is free from pre-ring, crossovers, and summing artefacts commonly found in dynamic equalisers and multiband compressors. The algorithm has been carefully tuned by ear to provide musical results that are hard to unhear.

Heba Kadry

Heba Kadry

Björk, Slowdive, The Mars Volta, Ryuichi Sakamoto

soothe2 has been my golden solution lately when I’m mastering a stereo mix and trying to control a buried vocal that is desperately fighting for space with a high frequency transient percussive element like a tambourine or a hihat mixed way too loud. Something about the way the dynamic EQ works sounds so natural and attenuates the issues smoothly while self adjusting to whatever else is going on in that same frequency range… it also makes it sound like I just strapped a compressor on a vocal mix bus when I don’t have access to a multi track or even stems to control balances or EQ something poking out. It works best in conjunction with my favourite de-esser. In the past I would have spent hours manually automating those problem frequencies and losing my mind. soothe2 has helped reduce that grunt work down in half.

Henkka Niemistö

Henkka Niemistö

Mastering Engineering @Chartmakers

Reasons I use soothe2 on a daily basis:
A. I don’t need to cut with EQ’s anymore.
B. soothe2 is both faster to set up and more accurate than any dynamic EQ.

Michael Brauer

Michael Brauer

Coldplay, Phoenix, James Bay, John Mayer

soothe2 is always saving me, when there’s a problematic vocal that I can’t tame with regular de-essers or dynamic EQ’s, soothe to the rescue!

Michalis "MsM" Michael

Michalis "MsM" Michael

Skepta, Jme, Wiley, Chipmunk

Congrats on another winner of a plugin. The attack and release are game changers for me. Sometimes I’d find soothe was either too subtle or too extreme and it’s always been about the timing for me. Now I can adjust it and it always does what I want and expect.

Morgan Page

Morgan Page

DJ, Producer

soothe2 is an incredibly useful tool for taming and balancing resonant peaks that build up from vocals, synths, and distortion treatments. Right now I’m using it on my vocal bus to smooth out all my high end EQ boosts, and it’s great for instruments like Wurlitzers that can get really crunchy when the harmonics start to step on each other. Overall I’m finding it’s really useful for bringing up the presence of a sound without needing as much compression and EQ. It’s a much faster process than adding in dynamic EQ notches, so I love any plugin that saves me time.

Scott Chesak

Scott Chesak

Panic At The Disco, Weezer, The All-American Rejects

Acoustic pianos often create unwanted resonances that are difficult to tame. I used to spend hours fine tuning surgical EQs to even out the frequencies. With soothe2 I am able to get better results in a fraction of the time and with more flexibility. It’s also an amazing tool for balancing harsh vocals and cleaning up the mix bus.

available as:

Windows 7 and up as 32 / 64 bit VST and VST3, and 64 bit AAX (PT11 and up).

macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) – 10.15 (Catalina) as 64 bit VST, AU, and AAX, Intel-based Macs.

iLok account and iLok License Manager installation required. iLok dongle is not required. Online access required for the initial activation of the product and trial. One license allows activation of the product on 2 machines. Licenses are valid for both Windows and macOS platforms.

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